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KT Hair Imports Review 

“I just wanted to personally let you know how AMAZING THIS IS HAIR IS….. I have always been one to purchase hair from the beauty supply store, so ordering virgin hair was a long process for me because I didn’t want to regret the experience. So I researched your hair as much as I could until finally I followed my instincts and just order the hair kt hair imports, and I have to tell you I have never been more happier with a purchase in my life.

This hair is beyond wonderful. I have NO issues with this hair. I colored it and the hair bounces back every time. I sealed my weft and I have not gotten any shedding, I mean none. There has been no problems with tangling. I just want to thank you [click to continue…]

Finding a job in the beauty industry isn’t hard. In my experience, landing a job in a salon or spa is quite easy. I’ve been there done that, folks. In college I took a part-time job at a hair salon.

Bored at work

They were paying me a whopping $10 per hour. More than my work-study job was offering; I felt I was beating the system!

But in reality, working as a floor manager taught me more about what I DON’T want, than what’s possible in life.

The truth must be said:

Working a low-level part-time job threatened my creativity and entrepreneurial skills.

My advice to the young:

  • Put a time line on any job that is beneath you mentally or financially.
  • Learn everything you can, but do not blindly take that knowledge as truth. You must decipher what tools to take and toss.
  • Take notes on major lessons learned. Trust and believe those points will become useful down the line with your own business.

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I’ll Sponsor You!

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